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world braille day

An image of a hand reading a book in Braille.

Today, 4th January 2021, is World Braille Day, and on my other social media, I’ve linked to a few resources which could be useful for the inclusive ELT classroom and/or materials writer. I figured it might be easier to list them all in a post here.
The United Nations have an introductory page just here and there are some good links towards the bottom of the page.

I’m really impressed with UNICEF’s Writing Peace book, which was published three years ago. It looks at different forms of writing in a coherent manner and also includes some activities which could easily be adapted for the ELT market. It’s an open access publication and can be downloaded here – I strongly suggest that you have a look at this.

The British Council are really good for introductory articles on inclusive practices – have a look at their page but take particular notice of the conclusion on teaching English to blind students.

And for lived experience, I suggest having a read of this, even though it is from 2013, I still think it applies today.

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