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I’m Peter and my pronouns are he/him.

During my 17-year teaching career, I used the coursebooks I was given and supplemented them with what I thought were good materials. It didn’t even occur to me that there was nobody like me in any of the materials I was using. It was only until I had a class of teenagers who got onto the topic of being gay that I realised that there was a problem. They were using derogatory and offensive words – mainly because they hadn’t been educated about being gay.
I told them that they were talking about someone like me.
This was a great teaching opportunity – to educate respectful words and foster better understanding.

A while later, one of the students pulled me aside to thank me, and to come out himself.

This is the power of representation and role models in education.

Having had my education in the UK under the damaging Section 28, I know from personal experience what it feels like to be invisible in education.

I don’t want any more generations to feel like this.

I want to help the ELT industry to understand why and how to represent and implement LGBTQIA+ identities in materials and in the classroom.

I acknowledge my privilege as a white, cis, non-disabled man from the Global North. It is essential to represent intersectional identities.

Aside from LGBTQIA+ identities, I have a particular interest in representing age, disability, mental health and body types. However, all marginalised identities deserve visibility and better representation in ELT.

My resource, Existence. Now a printed book!

Why work with me?

  • DEI in ELT experience; guidelines, audits, consultations
  • Exam writing experience including books for NOCN B1 and B2, ESB B1 and LRN C1; as well as A2 and B1 Cambridge
  • IELTS preparation
  • Michigan ECPE and ECCE preparation
  • Experience in development, content and copy editing, proofreading

  • Extensive teaching experience in Japan, Russia, Poland and the UK
  • Experience in general and business English, young learners, EAP, IELTS and NCUK Foundation
  • Independent materials writer
  • Former IELTS speaking and writing examiner
  • Former Cambridge PET writing examiner

Qualifications and Training

BA (Hons) English with Sociology, 2000
MA (Distinction) English Language and Literature, 2016
PGGE (TESOL), 2003
DELTA, 2009

Understanding Neurodiversity, ELT Well, 2023
Introduction: Copyediting, CIEP, Sept 2022
Training academy champions, LGBT Foundation, 2022
Foundations to Inclusion, Beth Cox, 2020
Editing and proofreading, College of Media and Publishing, 2018
Adobe Indesign, London School of Publishing, 2017
Introduction to Editing and Proofreading Skills, The Publishing Training Centre, 2017

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