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the dilemma

4 October

There once was a small English boy who wanted to travel the world. He worked very hard at his education and did well enough to realise his dream of travelling to far distant places to teach his mother tongue. Many moons ago, he travelled to the mysterious world of Japanesia, where he spent a happy few years teaching the locals, learning the customs and studying the ancient arts of Japanese and origami. During his happy time in Japanesia, he was also able to discover the lands of Thailandia and Australiadia where he learnt more about different cultures, and indeed, about himself. The small English boy grew a little weary and decided to move back to his motherland of Englandia.

Soon after returning from Japanesia, the small English boy found that the lure of travel had not left his spirit and therefore went to Polansia to learn more about the culture in Eastern Europa. These were dark days for the small English boy. He found himself the lone Englishian speaker in the whole town of Tarnowskie Gory. The days and nights were very long and the small English boy wasn’t happy. He told the boss man of his unhappiness and desire to return to the motherland, but the boss man was furious and stormed round to the small English boy’s dwelling to make his fury known. The small English boy didn’t know what to do, and after the wrath and fury of the boss man had gone, the small English boy decided to flee the town of Tarnowskie Gory in the early hours of the following morn. The following morn arose, and even before the sun had risen, the small English boy was being whisked off by taxi-cart to the adjoining town of Katowice. After arriving at the town of Katowice, the small English boy managed to procure a train-carriage ticket to the city of Krakow, where he was able to magically fly away from the country of Polansia.

After returning from Polansia, the small English boy didn’t work at anything for a few months, but after being released from the grips of depression, he soldiered on and worked tirelessly at small, but worthwhile employment. He found himself in the ancient city of Eboracum, as named by the people who took over the city, and spent nigh on 2 annums working in the city. The small English boy decided that he wanted to taste some more of the foreign culture that was so dear to his soul, and found employment in the biggest country in the entire world; Russlandia. He was spirited away to the biggest city in Russlandia, Moscovia, and there he found a wide range of lifestyles, most of which were distasteful to the small English boy. In the month of September, the small English boy returned to the motherland for a short respite and organised two interviews for employment in the city of Londinium. A short wait later, and the small English boy found himself with two offers of employment, one to start in the month of January, but at a small price and small working hours, and the other, of which the small boy was very enamoured, to start within the following month. Here, then, is the dilemma. The employment in the city of Moscovia want 4 weeks’ notice of the small English boy’s resignation, but Londinium wants the small English boy to start employment within the next 2 weeks.

The small English boy is at a loss. He has spoken to the Moscovian employer about the dire situation, of which the employer is not happy about, but the small English boy thinks the employer understands that this new offer of employment would certainly enrich his future career. The small English boy has also contacted the Londinium employer, stating that he would like to accept the offer, on the condition that the employment starts in 3 weeks. The small English boy hasn’t heard back from Londinium yet, and he must return to Moscovia tomorrow morn.

What to do?

6 October

I got it. I got the three week window I wanted. Suddenly the world seems a brighter place.

I just need to formalise things with my current boss – something I’m not looking forward to, but something that has to be done. I’ll find a way, I know I will.

London – I’ll see you in 3 weeks again.

7 October

The small English boy got what he wanted. After hearing from Londinium confirming that the 3 week window was just fine, the last thing he had to do was go talk to the big boss in Moscovia.

He gathered himself together, and bit the bullet. He took the metro from his dwelling into the centre of Moscovia and made his way to the employer place of big boss.

He gingerly entered the big boss office, and was greeted with a smile;

‘Three weeks, then?’ big boss said immediately.

‘Yes; sorry’, the small English boy replied.

Easy as that.


So there you have it – it was as simple as that. He wasn’t angry at all, just disappointed that it had come to this. I think he realised that he was losing a good teacher and he could do nothing about it; he couldn’t, and can’t, offer me what the London company can, but I am thankful for everything that this company has done for me. I wouldn’t be where I am going now without their help. They have made me realise that I do have the ability and that I am a good teacher, contrary to what I thought before. I just needed a little bit of self-belief. And now I’m going to get some better qualifications that will make me into an even better teacher, on even better salaries, with even better opportunities for the future. I cannot imagine a better opportunity than the one I have just taken. This is what was meant to happen – I know it now. I can even get my master’s degree with this company. I am amazed, so pleased and so thankful. Nothing could be better.

Nothing could be better.

The only thing is that I will be leaving some fantastic people behind. But life is life, isn’t it. I couldn’t have asked for better friends here in Moscow, and one person I should mention is Anna. I won’t write too much on here, because she’ll read it and cry. She knows what she’s done for me.

And I think I should leave it there.

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