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the dilemma #2

The small English boy had been in gainful employment for goodly years in the capital of the motherland, Londinium.  Years passed, and nigh on five years after entering said capital, the small English boy had decided to move on.

One rather exciting opportunity lay in the wildernesses and wilds of the mystical, and as yet unchartered for the small English boy, of Africania.  This was an altruistic post, where one would bring the people of the continent together to work as one.  Volunteering as such would bring the young lad immense enjoyment and feelings of self-worth.

However, feelings have returned for the fantastical world of Japanesia, where he spent more than 24 happiest months.  Friends of the small English boy still reside in the country and are urging him to reconsider and take the plunge to go back to Japanesia.

The small English boy has almost made up his mind, but there are a few things to decide;

After a telephonic interview today with the magical land of Japanesia, for university students, but this is at a short contract of only 3 months, starting in just over a month.

The other option is to return to the old stomping ground company of the small English boy where he will probably have to teach small youngsters of an extremely young age – but the contract is a more manageable year, with dwelling place provided, like the other.  This would probably be starting at a later date, in the month of November – yet this is not guaranteed.

What does the small English boy do?

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