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roses and trellis

This is the beautiful church at Cowden in East Sussex where my Nan’s ashes were scattered last year.  We revisited the place to put a little rose plant where she is – unfortunately, she’s under a tree and I got rather attacked by branches in the wind.  We then had a lovely lunch at the local pub ‘The Fountain Inn’, with a beer.

I have to say that my parents’ cat (but really my sister’s) is getting rather ancient and forgetful in her old age.  There’s a little trellis outside the back door, and most of the time, she climbs up it and then promptly forgets how to get down, and spends a lot of her time just laying up there, and when she sees or hears someone, she meows for them to help her down.  Either that or she’s plain lazy – I think, however, that she is forgetting how to do it.  She also has this habit of tearing down the hallway as if there’s a ghost in there – she certainly doesn’t like it!

Anyway, on that note, I’m off – hopefully to buy a Kindle Fire 🙂

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