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Rage against all the machines

Do you ever have those kinds of days where almost everything you see on the news or social media gets your back up? I’m experiencing one of those days today. There is so much injustice. Here is a run-down, in no particular order, of the stories that have contributed to my day of rage.

Conservative MPs to ‘refuse’ unconscious bias training

A group of Tory MPs, some in the European Research Group (ERG) and the ‘Common Sense Group’ (CRG) are refusing to take vital training in unconscious bias. These ‘MPs’, including Ben Bradley and Tom Hunt appear to be compliant in not condemning racism in our society. ‘MP’ Hunt said that his constituents would not want him to ‘waste two hours on a pointless unconscious bias session.’ His comments leave me feeling that he should be first in line. Read one of the many articles here.

‘Draconian’ DUP education official faces searing backlash for bogus claim Jesus turned a gay man straight.

Posting on Facebook, Nelson McCausland, who is a current EDUCATION AUTHORITY member in Northern Ireland, seemingly endorsed conversion therapy by sharing a story posted on ‘The Gospel Coalition’ (an interview entitled ‘From Gap to Gospel’). What makes it even worse is that McCausland said that the interview showed important insights into ‘the whole gay movement’. Being gay is not a movement. Get it right, Nelson. Read one of the many articles here. Do also feel free to read the utter tripe from the interview too. It’s amazing that people think like this.

EU Citizens offered financial incentives to leave UK

From being encouraged to sign up for settlement status in the UK, the government has sneakily (in my mind) added this ‘option’ to their government website. Offering £2000 to help find somewhere to live, get a job etc, back in their country of origin. But we’re still open to our friends in the EU, right? Great work, Boris.

Read the article here.

Letter to the Telegraph (Nov 2020) – Snowflake-gate

We’re back to those lovely ‘MPs’ in their little ‘Common Sense Group’, writing an open letter to the Telegraph bemoaning ‘snowflake preoccupations’. All to do with immigration and statues, apparently. In another article, this ‘group’ wants to erect 2000 more statues of men, but only 11 of women – equality, much? Here are the signatories of the letter:

Sir John Hayes MP

Lord Lilley

Sir Edward Leigh MP

Sally-Ann Hart MP

Tom Hunt MP

Imran Khan MP

Lee Anderson MP

Gareth Bacon MP

Scott Benton MP

Bob Blackman MP

Ben Bradley MP

Brendan Clarke-Smith MP

Philip Davies MP

Nick Fletcher MP

Jonathan Gullis MP

Andrew Lewer MP

Chris Loder MP

Marco Longhi MP

Craig Mackinlay MP

Karl McCartney MP

Pauline Latham MP

David Morris MP

Andrew Rosindell MP

James Sunderland MP

Martin Vickers MP

Giles Watling MP

William Wragg MP

Baroness Eaton

See their open letter here.

Anger as barrister refers to ‘stroppy teenager of colour’

The lovely Jon Holbrook, a barrister of 30 years, took to Twitter to comment on the case of a teenager who was sent home from school because of her ‘Afro’ hairstyle. 1 – you can’t discriminate against natural hair. The hair has done nothing wrong. 2 – how dare you call her ‘stroppy’. Back in your box, Jon. See the article here – may be behind a pay wall.

After all of this, and just seeing it today, is exhausting and just tells me that there is still so much more to do before we can call ourselves a truly diverse and inclusive society.

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