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After a year and a half of research, writing, editing and typesetting, the book is finally here and it’s beautiful.

It’s available from many different places including Aurora Metro, the publisher. You can also get it from Amazon, both as a hardcover and an ebook!

The following indie bookshops also stock the hardcover:

  1. The Kew Bookshop
  2. The Open Book, Richmond
  3. Lloyds of Kew Bookshop

As well as Waterstones Richmond!

I have to say a great thank you to everyone who helped, either directly or passively and a special mention must go to Paula for writing the wonderful foreword. Please do check out her blog, Blogging Woolf, which is full of excellent writing and resources about Virginia Woolf as well as this wonderful interview she did with me.

I was thrilled to do two talks at Westminster Libraries; Victoria and Marylebone and they went really well. However, it was at Richmond Literature Festival where the book was launched on 13 November to a sold-out room at the Old Town Hall in Richmond. Huge thanks to everyone who came, and to Johanna Coombes who spoke so eloquently about Richmond during the years 1914 to 1924.

The biggest possible compliment I could get came from the superb Emma Woolf and her parents, Cecil and Jean. Cecil Woolf is the only living relative of Leonard and Virginia who knew the couple. I sent a copy of the book to them and received this amazing image in return:

I have to say I was completely astounded and so very humbled to receive this. It meant so much to me, and to hear that both Emma’s parents were discussing who was to get to read it first.

Thus, I have been shouting very vocally on Twitter and Facebook about my achievement, and I also have a Goodreads author page and people can leave reviews. I think it’s so important to get reviews, both on that page and on Amazon, and I would be extremely grateful if people who have the book would honour me with a review, no matter how short.

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