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end discrimination

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn that plainly and simply stated that the poster was anti-LGBT and was proud of the fact. This person, thankfully, was and is not a first connection of mine, yet the poster claimed to be an educator and teacher. It is really saddening and upsetting that someone in the wonderful field of education holds such views in what appears to be an increasingly intolerant world, let alone no doubt promoting their views to their students.

This is not something that I will tolerate seeing on any social media feed, especially LinkedIn, which purports to be a professional social media site.

I try to be inclusive in my beliefs and thinking, but spreading intolerance and hate of any kind, directed against anyone is not something I wish to see. Therefore, please, if you post any kind of discrimination or have done in the past, please remove yourself as a connection of mine.

#inclusivity #diversity #nodiscrimination #beprofessional #nohate

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