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walking on air

This is one of the reasons I like Moscow – St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin. Of course, I’ve put many photos of this magical building on the blog already, but I thought it was time for another. I can’t remember if I’ve put this photo up here before; if I have, I apologise. It’s a side of St Basil’s that not many people see – from the back. Red Square and the GUM department store are behind the cathedral here.

The title of this post refers to two things; one is my euphoric feeling that I will be going home for a visit in September. Anyone who reads this blog (and yes, that means you as well, auntie!), knows how important this trip will be for me and how it will boost me. Obviously things haven’t been nearly as bad as Poland, but it’s just not the place for me. I will look back at my time in Moscow with fond memories, especially sharing lots of time with my ex-York student, Anna – she has been invaluable in this experience and I thank her dearly.
The second reference of the title is a song that has appeared at the top of the blog. This is by an Estonian singer called Kerli, who I discovered recently. Also appearing at the top of the blog, is Sanvean, by Lisa Gerrard – if you need a song to relax to, this is it.

On Friday, I went to my evening class as usual – this is the one with the horrible commute. I get to the company (in Moscow’s World Trade Centre) and wait in the room with a lovely cup of lemon tea. It goes past 6pm, the start time. No-one arrives. I sit and wait. And wait. 6.30pm and I’m fed up of reading the rubbish English language newspapers and the crossword that I can’t do. 6.40pm and still nobody. In our contract, it states that if no student has arrived after 40 minutes, we can leave. So I did. Hope they have a good excuse for wasting my time.

After that, I had to wait a little while before meeting Sergey for a drink. I was too early, of course, so I walked through the little park leading up to the metro station. I was going to sit on a bench and read my book, but there were a few odd-looking people about, and after my experience the other Saturday, I decided to wait by the metro. At the metro, there were a couple of buskers with a pair of bagpipes and a drum. I listened to them for a while and it was quite relaxing. I met Sergey and we had a drink and some food in an ‘English’ pub, which was great fun. After that, I made my way home and here I am on Saturday, not doing very much. Maybe drinks later….who knows…..

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