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tromsø, norway

I am back in England now after a few days in Northern Norway, in Tromsø.  The picture above is my first attempt at a panoramic photo, and I’m quite pleased with it – on the left is the Ishavskatedralen which is the Arctic Cathedral on the opposite side of the water to Tromsø.
Unfortunately I have no photos of the Northern Lights to show you – they did occur on the last night, but I was in the wrong place 😦  this just gives me an excuse to go somewhere northern again in the new year to try to see them again 🙂

The main highlight was the husky sledding.  I believe this is a picture of my favourite husky, named ‘Hel’ who was very friendly. All the way over on the island next to Tromsø, we were taken to Tromsø Villmarkssenter (Wilderness Centre) where we got ready for sledding.  There are about 260 huskies kept there, and they were very noisy!!

 Sledding was an amazing feeling – I took a lot of photos, but some of them were too blurry due to the bouncy nature 🙂  This is one of my favourite photos from the trip…

 The picture below shows us heading back towards the centre – we had 9 dogs pulling our sled, with females in the front two rows and males towards the back.  It was certainly an experience I will never forget.

 This was also the first real chance for me to use my new camera – and the following is one of my favourites from the trip.  This was a ‘Christmas tree’ outside the Arctic Cathedral.

 This is the Tromsøbrua, the bridge over to the ‘mainland’ which we walked over – it took about 20 minutes, but it was worth it to get to the cathedral on the other side.

 On the last day, just about 15 minutes before the taxi came, I was outside taking the last few photos – this was just outside the hotel looking out – what a lovely view.

On the waterfront of Tromsø, there were quite a few colourful buildings which looked great in the reflection of the water.

Sad to be back in England, but planning the next trip to see the Northern Lights – I WILL see them if it’s the last thing I do.  More photos from this trip to come.

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