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The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary

I bought this book recently and only now have I had the chance to have a good look at it. So I thought I’d write a post about it.

This book is a MUST for anyone working in the diversity, inclusion and equity space.

Words are power.

The introduction by Dr Tony Malone is powerful in itself and contextualises the book in terms of a non-definitive guide. As Malone rightly states, language is changing all the time and since the book was published this year, more terms have probably been used and accepted whereas others have been categorised differently. Where possible, Malone has mentioned any difficult words in the glossary and where sensitivity needs to be taken.

The book is an excellent starting off point and I’ve long wanted a book like this. Malone states that the book is largely drawn from ‘Western world’ words, but includes words that are coming into common usage from languages such as Sanskrit. One word he mentions, and I think is a super word is upekkha – a Sanskrit and Pali word which means;

an active equal attitude and equitable treatment towards everyone (Malone: 2022, 213)

The foreword by Professor Sue Sanders is equally as good where she talks about her own use of language, and if we want to reduce hate crimes, we must change the language.

What impresses me most about this glossary is that Malone is open and honest about what the book is – it’s a snapshot of language from the day it was written. In the back, there is an opportunity to contact him to advise if there are any issues with the content relating to marginalised communities. This is hugely refreshing – we are learning all the time and not all of us can be right or all-knowing all of the time.

The Diversity & Inclusion Glossary is a very welcome addition to my bookcase and I thoroughly recommend it.

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