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terror in london

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news this morning. This terrible attack in London Bridge. A place I often visit and meet friends in the bars and restaurants. It is absolutely abhorrent what is happening in my county at the moment. First it was Westminster bridge, then the tragedy in Manchester and now this.

I don’t know how we, as a nation, can stop it or prevent it from happening again. Maybe we can’t, but surely there must be something we can do to gather intelligence or information about the people likely to carry out these types of atrocities.

I haven’t seen anything of substance from this conservative government; Mrs May seems entirely focused on Brexit and attempting to get us the best deal. I didn’t vote for Brexit, but this is what the country has decided, and so I go along with it. This is an important time for the country, but Mrs May needs to realise that putting all our eggs in one Great British basket may not be the best way forward.

Whoever gets into power needs to address this terror problem as a matter of urgency and put into place strategies to enable us to better foresee when attacks might happen and give the police more powers to talk to people of interest.

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