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Peter, a cis white bald man with a beard takes a selfie in front of monitors in a home office.
Getting ready to present at a conference in 2023

What can I help you with?

So, you’re maybe an ELT publisher who wants to ensure better representation in ELT materials but don’t really know where to start.

Or maybe you’re an ELT writer and editor who would like to be more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ identities, but don’t want to get it wrong.

Perhaps you’re an ELT teacher who’s struggling to find ways to incorporate LGBTQIA+ identities in materials and the classroom.

From personal experience, I know that invisibility of my identity in education was damaging. LGBTQIA+ or questioning students have a lack of role models and a scarcity of authentic representation in mainstream education, let alone ELT. 

The response to my IATEFL 2023 workshop ‘I am not a taboo’, proves that ELT is an industry that is ready to be fully inclusive.

For publishers

Work with me to help create or implement DEI guidelines through consultation and advice.​
I am also happy to take on content reviews and audits focusing on DEI, including images, text and accessibility.​
Perhaps you want LGBTQIA+ in ELT workshops, talks or training. Contact me to ask for a bespoke service.​
In addition to this, I can provide writing services, such as test items, exams and teacher notes.​
I can also provide development, content and copy editing, as well as proofreading.

Peter is insightful, empathetic, professional and is fun to work with. Peter contributed to a DE&I review I was managing and his knowledge and skill were a huge benefit to the project. I would absolutely work with Peter again. Autumn Westphal, Training and Development Manager, Global Content Standards, Pearson Global DE&I

For teachers

Take a look at my inclusive ELT materials to help you foster diversity and inclusion in your classrooms.

Many of the books of photocopiable materials which were created for discussions 10-20 years ago are very out of date and wouldn’t / shouldn’t be published today. They really need to be updated. (Peter Fullagar, via everyone who saw his talk and thought it was brilliant).
Sandy Millin, Freelance ELT consultant, teacher trainer, materials writer

Front cover of presentation called I am not a taboo: LGBTQIA+ in the ELT classroom
Workshop for IATEFL Harrogate in 2023

Talks and Presentations

Developod: TDSIG, June 2024: TDSIG podcast episode 52

IATEFL Brighton, 17 April 2024: Requeering Discussions (workshop)

IATEFL YLTSIG conference, 19 Jan 2024: The Shadow of Section 28

EALTHY, 4 Dec 2023: Exploring LGBTQIA+ identities and representation

English First, 24 Oct 2023: EMBRACING: Everybody’s Normal

TEFL Horizons Virtual ELT Conference, 6 Oct 2023: The Whys and Hows of Creating LGBTQIA+ inclusive materials

IATEFL Themes 2023, 16 Sept 2023: I am not a taboo

British Council, 28 Jun 2023: Proud teachers on Pride Day

Teachers Talk Radio, Jun 2023: Is ELT doing enough to represent the LGBTQIA+ community?

British Council, Jun 2023: Resisting Invisibility

TESOL Pop podcast, Jun 2023: Including LGBTQIA+ identities in Language Classes

Reflecting Reality FB group, Jun 2023: Is ELT Proud?

Earn Learn Thrive LinkedIn Live, 9 Jun 2023: Why LGBTQIA+ representation matters in ELT

PiE conference, 6 May 2023: ELT = Embracing LGBTQIA+ Teaching

IATEFL Harrogate 2023: I am not a taboo: LGBTQIA+ in the ELT classroom

TEFL Development Hub, Feb 2023: Why LGBTQIA+ in ELT matters

ELT Freelancers Awayday, Sept 2022: Usualisation and disruption; Buzzword talk

British Council, Apr 2022: IDAHOBLIT Panel

Teachers Talk Radio, Mar 2022: An unexpected journey

ELTCPD podcast, 22 Feb 2021: Diversity and Inclusion

Articles and Writing

IATEFL Voices, March 2024: My first IATEFL conference presentation

Cambridge, World of Better Learning: 5 classroom activities for Pride Month 2023

MaWSIG Blog, May 2023: I am not a taboo: LGBTQIA+ in the ELT classroom

Diverse Educators blog, Apr 2022: Don’t look back in ELT

Front cover of presentation called Requeering discussions
Workshop for IATEFL Brighton, 2024