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Queerience: the follow up

This is really just a follow on from yesterday’s post about Taboos and Issues and in particular I took umbrage at Gays and Jobs.

So, I thought talking about it doesn’t make change – doing something does. I’ve taken a little time today to prepare a resource based on similar material and what I would do with it. I’m leaving it here for anyone to download and use. Please, please let me know if you spot any mistakes or anything you think may be wrong.

Also, I’d love it if you downloaded it and used it with classes. It’s mainly aimed at B2 and above due to linguistic difficulty. There’s a colour version and a greyscale (BW) version, no teacher’s notes but there are a few answers at the end of the pdf.

I’ve called it Existence because I am not a taboo and I am not an issue. I exist.

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