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Pride month 2022

A digital flower, with multiple petals in all the rainbow colours.
Image by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash

So, it’s Pride month 2022.

There doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate – homophobia is on the increase, transphobia is rife thanks to the media, the government is dithering on banning conversion therapy for all – other countries are leading the way. The UK has dropped in the European ranks of LGBTQ* rights.

However, there are beacons of hope – there are many educators and activists out there doing important work – I won’t name individually for fear of missing people out, but if that’s you, then I mean you. Thank you.

I wanted to use this post to recommend things (mainly books) to anyone who may read this blog.

Diverse Educators: A Manifesto, edited by Hannah Wilson and Bennie Kara

A hugely important book – still getting through it, but it’s structured around the equality act. A must-read for any educator worth their salt.

Big Gay Adventures in Education: Supporting LGBT+ Visibility and Inclusion in Schools edited by Daniel Tomlinson-Gray

A wonderful collection of stories from out teachers and students of out teachers. If you want to know how being out affects teachers and students, this is for you.

How to write Inclusive Materials by Tyson Seburn from ELT Teacher to Writer (£9.99 paperback, £8.50 kindle from ELT Teacher to Writer)

For anyone in the ELT industry who wants to learn more and get some tips for being representative, this is the book you need.

50 Years Legal by Simon Napier-Bell

The story of the fight for LGBTQ rights in the UK – definitely worth a read to realise how far we’ve come – and actually how far we need to go.

Trans Britain: Our Journey from the Shadows edited by Christine Burns

I’m halfway through this – and I’ve already learnt a lot. It’s a super book with different contributors giving their stories. In my mind, the trans community is always, and will remain always, part of the rainbow family.

The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War against Homosexuals by Richard Plant (available second-hand)

This was an uncomfortable read, but a necessary one. I thought it was important for me to read about this. I’m glad I did but it’s awful.

Gender in 20th Century Eastern Europe and the USSR edited by Catherine Baker (£22.99 in Blackwell’s)

I have yet to start this, but there are chapters on sexuality, masculinity and LGBT*, so worth a look.

Queer Bloomsbury edited by Brenda Helt and Madelyn Detloff

If you’re a fan of the Bloomsbury Group, and I am, then this is a great collection of essays exploring the queerness of the group.
Failing that, there are many LGBTQ* charities deserving of donations and help. The one that I would point out is Galop – they help LGBT* people who experience abuse and violence. You can donate on their page here.

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