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Post no hate

A graffiti image with the words POST NO HATE on a white poster pasted onto a wall.
Post no hate by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

TW: homophobia / queerphobia

For those of you who don’t know, I have a little page on Facebook where I post intermittently with screenshots of homophobic (or queerphobic) social media comments. (Update: I don’t have it anymore as it was too triggering). I don’t blur out the names of people because I figure if they’re going to be homophobic with their social media profiles, then I’m just simply sharing their thoughts.

I thought I’d share a few gems here.

Let’s celebrate normal, natural, heterosexual marriages and families instead.

What is normal? And who decides it? Surely normal is a misnomer and doesn’t actually exist. And what is a family anyway? It may be one man, one woman, a non-binary person, or a couple. Or indeed a throuple.

I don’t understand why anyone would opt to be gay and leave the women out there…. Its just wrong.

Women can be gay too, you know. I think there are enough women to go around. And, by the way, being gay is not a choice to opt in or out of.

Newsflash: you aren’t a hero for a sexual preference. Go back in the damn closet. No one cares what you like. Stop with the damn rainbows like you won a Purple Heart. And stay the f**k away from our kids, perverts. (followed by a rude emoji and three clown emojis)

It’s views like this that prove the LGBTQIA+ community need to continue what we’re doing. Kids can be LGBTQIA+, too, as many figured out while in childhood. And I quite like rainbows, so we’re keeping it.

Because we are normal sane people as God intended. You aren’t, so you had to manipulate the system to be accepted, and now we have drag shows for kids. You people should have been stopped when you introduced AIDS into the population.

Charmer, this one. Again, the normal rhetoric, blah blah blah. I’d love to know what system we manipulated. Is the world run on one system? Drag shows for kids? I take it this person has never seen a pantomime dame. Not true that we introduced AIDS – it wasn’t manufactured by some evil queer doctor. Besides, doesn’t only affect the LGBTQIA+ community, does it?

I’ll stop there – there are more on the page if you want to look.

It’s clear that education is one way forward. In fact, I think the kids are alright. On the whole, from what I’ve seen, kids today are accepting of who people are, the pronouns they want to use and how they want to present themselves. I wonder why it’s so difficult for some adults to accept that people are who they say they are and there’s nothing disgusting, perverted or wrong about it. We are who we are.

This is why I’m proud to still be working on individual ELT resources that foster better representation in materials. It’s why I’m proud to foster inclusion in every project I work on.
I was intending to write about other stuff, such as my break away, the LGBT Foundation Champions course and the upcoming ELT Freelancers AwayDay – but I thought with a negative start to this post, it wouldn’t be appropriate. I’ll save that for another post.

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