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leaping forward

So, it seems my foray to the IATEFL conference in Liverpool was a success – having the confidence in freelancing has enabled me to be bolder, and so, at the beginning of June, I am off to Athens for discussions with an ELT publisher about doing more work for them. I’ve already completed a couple of contracts for them, and I love the working relationship I have with them, so this is a super opportunity to do more with them. And also a great opportunity to see a city I’ve never been to – one which I had to write about when I was in primary school, so it’ll be lovely. I’ll make sure I take lots of suncream.

In other news, I had a poem accepted for an online journal, which is very exciting. It’s my first one to be accepted and to be published anywhere except my own blog, so I’m hoping it will give me some more exposure. The link is here. In terms of other writing, I wrote a new poem on loss, which I’ve submitted and I keep getting lots of new ideas for new books (non-fiction) which I need to sit down and think about. Virginia Woolf in Richmond is also entered into the Polari Prize, and the longlist is announced on 10 June, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for that. I also had a couple of reviews of the book in magazines – NB Magazine and Prospect Magazine. One quote from the NB magazine is here:

The campaign is seeking to raise funds for a life-size bronze statue of Virginia Woolf seated on a bench on Richmond Riverside, and I sincerely hope that the campaign is as successful in achieving its aim as Peter Fullagar has been in writing such an interesting book about Woolf’s life in Richmond.
NB Magazine

Two of my Twitter friends have been rather amazing, and we’ve sort of bonded over various things, including Tempest: An Anthology. Anna is such a champion of so many people as well as being a writing machine! I read her first two books, and now she has a third coming out with the wonderful Bluemoose Books next year. I was priviliged to have read it – it’s called Saving Lucia and it’s fascinating – look out for it. Through Anna, I’m getting to know J and reading her wonderful work, especially her Wild Soul Walks. Can’t wait to see what else she does.

The last thing I want to say here is that if anyone in or around London, especially theatre directors, need a photographer or videographer, please check out my good friend Andrew. He’s a freelancer like me, and is super talented, so do give him a shout.

In fact, that’s not the last thing – my good friend Erica has recently become a director of a gallery in London, and the artwork is absolutely beautiful – do take a look.

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