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ILGA Annual report 2024

A colour coded map of Europe, going from dark red meaning lowest LGBTQIA+ rights, to dark green, showing highest LGBTQIA+ rights.
ILGA Rainbow Europe map 2023

ILGA-Europe provides an annual report of the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex people in Europe and central Asia. Their report was published in February 2024, looking back at the entire year of 2023. In May, for IDAHOBLIT Day, they publish the Rainbow map of Europe. It will be interesting to see how far the UK has fallen from the previous year. As can be seen from the above map, the UK is currently in light green, standing at 53% of achieving LGBTQIA+ rights.

In this post, I want to have a look at some of the findings related to the UK from 2023.

One of the biggest points of the report is based on anti-LGBTQIA+ speech, and the report states that;
Anti-LGBT hate speech remained common.

The report points to various examples, including a DUP councillor who stated that the ‘LGBTQIA alphabet soup mafia’ supported Hamas; a gay man receiving a homophobic death threat for moving a rubbish bin; and a ‘hate preacher’ attempting to stop Wolverhampton Pride with a homophobic rant.

An UN expert, on visiting the UK said:
“I am deeply concerned about increased bias-motivated incidents of harassment, threats, and violence against LGBT people, including a rampant surge in hate crimes in the UK.”

Victor Madrigal-Borloz, expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual identity and gender orientation (SOGI).

In addition to this, there were several incidences of homophobic abuse at football matches. Although homophobic crimes of violence saw a decrease of 6% from the previous year (England and Wales), violence against the trans community rose by 11% – since 2020/2021, violent attacks on the trans community have doubled.

A pink background saying I support a ban on conversion therapy, with the hashtag of BanConversionTherapy

The UK government have continued to let the LGBTQIA+ community down by not banning conversion therapy. Despite promises to do so, Sunak’s government have failed to do so. As well as this, former home secretary Suella (Sue-Ellen) Braverman stated that asylum seekers coming to the UK ‘pretended to be gay’ in order to receive the status of asylum. She also stated that being a woman or a member of the LGBTQIA+ community did not deserve to receive protection on the grounds of their identity.

The trans community continue to be mistreated by the government and the NHS, who seem to have decided that trans women do not belong on female wards in hospitals, despite there being no evidence of complaints. In addition to this, the Scottish government attempted to allow self-identification of gender identity, in line with several other countries. However, this was blocked by the UK and Sunak’s government.

Although there are some bright lights, such as Scotland affirming that trans women are in fact, women, and Wales planning to update the to the same, it is clear that the UK government plainly does not have the LGBTQIA+ community’s interests at heart.

It remains to be seen how many more percentage points the UK will fall – however, by the findings in the report, I imagine that we will fall to below 50%.

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