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Further work on Taboos and Issues

Some of you will have seen my earlier posts on Queerience and the book called Taboos and Issues and my problems with it. As I mentioned before, action is what is needed, not just talk.

I had a look through other units in the book and thought about what else I could update – potentially all of them. However, I talk a lot about my mental health and the unit called Anxiety and depression caught me. In it, it talks about what can make people happy, but this isn’t necessarily connected to mental health – it might be, but it’s almost like saying ‘if you are happy, you won’t experience any mental health problems’ and that’s not how it is. There’s also one exercise where it asks the students to decide whether certain conditions are real, or if they are in the mind and I thought this was quite insensitive.

So, I’ve been working on another resource – thanks to Lottie Galpin for having a quick look through and pulling me up on a few things.

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