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Email to new local MP

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I wrote an email to my new local MP. I’m posting it here so it doesn’t get lost on socials.

Firstly, I wanted to congratulate you and your team for getting into parliament. I live in your constituency, but I have to say that I did not vote for Labour. I could not vote for a leader who apparently seems to be throwing the trans community under the bus.

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, (gay, queer, ace), I am deeply concerned that the anti-trans rhetoric displayed by the Conservatives will only be continued by Labour.

The increased level of transphobia (and in turn, homophobia and other hate crimes against the community) are extremely troubling and I would like the government to take immediate action to address these issues. 

It concerns me that proposed educational guidance will seek to invisibilise and erase trans and non-binary identities. As someone who grew up in, and was educated during, Section 28, I know only too well of the trauma and problems that erasing identities through education can cause. 

It is also troubling to me that proposed guidance on segregating trans people in healthcare is cruel and unjust. Trans and non-binary people are human, and deserve to be treated as such – not as second-class citizens, or those whose rights can be rolled back.

It is also of grave concern if the Labour government decide to meet with the anti-trans organisation, LGB Alliance, and apparently ’notable’ but vocal, gender critical voices – without meeting with trans people, trans organisations and those who support the trans and non-binary identities. 

It is crucial that conversion therapy is banned for all LGBTQIA+ identities. We cannot pick and choose which identities deserve not to be subjected to such abuse. 

You may be interested to see that LGBT Consortium and a whole host of other organisations have written to the Prime Minister. You can see the open letter here:

I’d very much be interested in your thoughts on my concerns above, and look forward to receiving a reply.

With best wishes,

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