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Existence [physical product]


LGBTQIA+ inclusive English Language Teaching resource. Eight lessons with teacher notes and answers, ranging from CEFR A2 to C1.

Inclusive resource book for ELT

Now available in physical book form!

Eight LGBTQIA+ inclusive ELT lesson plans with teacher notes and answers, in full colour, representing different queer identities.
Lessons ranging from CEFR A2 to C1.
Get an I am not a taboo! bookmark with it!

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🌈 The Existence collection: Benefits 🌈

1. Diverse Representation: Provides teachers with lesson plans that include LGBTQIA+ identities, promoting inclusivity in the classroom.
2. Confidence Boost: Helps teachers feel more confident in addressing LGBTQIA+ topics and fostering a safe environment for all students.
3. Ready-to-Use Materials: Offers pre-prepared resources, saving teachers time and effort in lesson preparation.
4. Language Development: Promotes language skills development through engaging activities related to LGBTQIA+ themes.
5. Inclusive Language: Provides examples and practice for using inclusive language when discussing gender and sexual orientation.
6. Critical Thinking: Stimulates critical thinking skills by exploring social issues and challenging stereotypes.
7. Classroom Discussion: Facilitates open dialogue and respectful discussions on LGBTQIA+ topics among students.

  • Working life, A2
  • I’m having a great time, A2
  • Behind the lens, B1/B2
  • The place where, B1/B2
  • Family units, B2
  • Housing, B2+
  • A is for…, C1
  • She got the girl, C1

For a digital copy, take a look here: Existence – digital product

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  1. Stephanie Hirschman

    This is a great sampler of inclusive content for a range of levels showcasing what we could be doing better in terms of published ELT resources. The pedagogy is solid and the pictures are compelling. There are user-friendly teacher’s notes and the layout is clear and uncrowded. I particularly like the way the Research and Reflect sections are included at the end. These support students to explore issues raised during the lesson a bit further and apply them to their own contexts. However, if teachers do not feel able or confident to work with these activities in class, or even if they run out of time, they are there for students to pursue independently, if they wish.

  2. Harry Waters

    This collection of inclusive materials is precisely what ELT has been longing for, striking an ideal balance between accessibility and depth.
    Each lesson is thoroughly researched and will resonate deeply with a diverse range of learners.
    These resources represent a significant step forward in making ELT truly inclusive. My only issue is that there simply isn’t enough of this great content—I eagerly await the release of “Existence 2.”

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