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Existence [physical product]


LGBTQIA+ inclusive English Language Teaching resource. Eight lessons with teacher notes and answers, ranging from CEFR A2 to C1.

LGBTQIA+ inclusive resource book for ELT

Now available in physical book form!

Eight lesson plans with teacher notes and answers, in full colour, representing different identities from the LGBTQIA+ community.
Lessons ranging from CEFR A2 to C1.
Get an I am not a taboo! bookmark with it!

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🌈 The Existence collection: Benefits 🌈

1. Diverse Representation: Provides teachers with lesson plans that include LGBTQIA+ identities, promoting inclusivity in the classroom.
2. Confidence Boost: Helps teachers feel more confident in addressing LGBTQIA+ topics and fostering a safe environment for all students.
3. Ready-to-Use Materials: Offers pre-prepared resources, saving teachers time and effort in lesson preparation.
4. Language Development: Promotes language skills development through engaging activities related to LGBTQIA+ themes.
5. Inclusive Language: Provides examples and practice for using inclusive language when discussing gender and sexual orientation.
6. Critical Thinking: Stimulates critical thinking skills by exploring social issues and challenging stereotypes.
7. Classroom Discussion: Facilitates open dialogue and respectful discussions on LGBTQIA+ topics among students.

  • Working life, A2
  • I’m having a great time, A2
  • Behind the lens, B1/B2
  • The place where, B1/B2
  • Family units, B2
  • Housing, B2+
  • A is for…, C1
  • She got the girl, C1
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