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a day in the life

A white, cis, bald man takes a selfie in front of a home office desk which has two monitors. He has a ginger beard and is wearing a green, flowery T-shirt.
Peter at his desk

I thought it was about time I did a little personal post, so here we are then. A day in the life…

I usually wake up at about seven, and the first thing I try to do is feed the cat, because as soon as he hears me moving, he runs into the bedroom, meowing. So very impatient. He follows me to the kitchen getting under my feet while I fill his bowl; once it’s down, I can focus on getting the first coffee. Normally, before I’ve even finished the coffee, the cat comes back to my feet to let me know that he’s finished his breakfast and now he wants strokes. So, on his command, I make my way into the lounge to sit on the sofa and have stroke time. It usually lasts about 20 minutes or so.

My partner then wakes up, and I make him coffee too. If it’s a nice day, and I feel like it (especially when mental health needs attention), I might go for a walk or to the gym (but that’s been lacking these days). I live in a lovely part of Berkshire and there are some wonderful places nearby.

In a wood, with green ferns near the ground and tall pine trees with a blue sky and white clouds.
Just five minutes’ walk from the flat

I try to start work at nine, or thereabouts, but I don’t hold myself to it – particularly after a walk or the gym, when I need to shower. Then work starts.

I try to look at emails and socials first thing, thanks to blocking out time on my calendar, and I’ve found this helps a lot. If I’ve got multiple projects on at the same time, I try to space them out during the week and days, so I’m working on more than one project in a day. For me, it kind of breaks up the project a bit and I can concentrate better.

If I’ve finished the part of the project I planned for, I can then either work on the business, such as compiling or scheduling socials, work on my own independent resources or, as I’m currently doing, work on creating the training webinars I’m going to be offering. If you want to know more about that, people on my mailing list will find out first.

There may be meetings interspersed throughout the day, or doing some training (Rachael Roberts’ Flourishing Foundations – recommend!) – all of the work and meetings is tracked using Toggl, so I can keep track of what I’m doing.

I may finish about five, or half past depending on what I’ve got on, and then it’s time to relax. I give my mum a call to check in and we speak for a few minutes – and yes, this does usually happen every day.

We usually relax on the sofa with some TV, or if not, then I’ll be looking at my family history using Ancestry – it’s a bit of an obsession, and I can’t stop! Quite often, I head to bed around nine to have some reading time – I really enjoy being comfortable and in a quiet place to read, and I can escape for a while. Best books for me are crime novels, especially at the moment.

And that’s basically it. My working week! I’d be really interested to know about your typical day – come on, let’s see and read about it!

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